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Making a Murderer Continued: Will Brendan Dassey Ever Receive Justice?

This article first appeared on Dorf on Law.

In 1970, the University of Chicago Law Review published an article titled Is Innocence Irrelevant? Collateral Attack on Criminal Judgments by federal appeals court judge Henry Friendly.

Judge Friendly was a judicial conservative in the small-c sense, non-ideological, committed to deciding cases narrowly, and an expert legal craftsman.

As a young lawyer, Chief Justice John Roberts clerked for Friendly during Friendly’s later years, and Roberts is fond of quoting (though not always abiding by) Friendly’s aphorism that if it is not necessary to decide an issue to decide a case, it is necessary not to decide the issue.

Is Innocence Irrelevant? was somewhat uncharacteristic of Friendly in that it offered a controversial policy proposal on a politically contentious issue.

Hearings continued for teacher charged with child porn

Preliminary and detention hearings scheduled Thursday for Michael Loren Ross, a Davenport elementary school teacher accused of possessing child pornography, have been postponed until Friday morning.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Melisa Zaehringer wrote in a motion filed Wednesday that the continuance is needed so that an interview of an “essential witness” can be conducted prior to the hearing.

That interview, she wrote in the motion, is scheduled for Thursday afternoon and the information obtained from the interview is “necessary for the Court to make an informed decision regarding detention of this defendant.”

Magistrate Judge Stephen B. Jackson Jr. granted the motion.

Ross has been in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service since his arrest Monday on charges of possession of child pornography and receipt of child pornography.

The investigation into Ross began in late March after a special agent with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation received a cyber tip through the National Center for

Read more at: http://qctimes.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/hearings-continued-for-teacher-charged-with-child-porn/article_53c0c438-03ef-55f5-acc8-c01326999f2c.html