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Brent Batten: Making jokes to fight the serious problem of wrongful incarceration


Derrick Williams, wrongfully convicted of sexual battery and kidnapping in 1993, talks about his experience with the Innocence Project of Florida.
Brent Batten/Naples Daily News

Did you hear the one about the guy who was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and spent 18 years in prison?

Wrongful conviction is no joking matter but local defense attorney Jerry Berry will use comedy to fight the problem on Feb. 1.

Berry is hosting a comedy show at the Community School of Naples to benefit the Innocence Project of Florida, a non-profit group that takes up the cases of inmates it believes have been dealt an injustice.

Comedians who have appeared

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He was jailed for a murder he didn’t commit. Now, the city is paying $556000 to fight him – The Courier

The city of Louisville has paid more than $566,000 to nine law firms to fight Kerry Porter’s claim for compensation for the 14 years spent behind bars for a murder he did not commit.

Porter was exonerated in 2011 by former Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Stengel for the 1996 killing of truck driver Tyrone Camp. In 2012 he sued the city and 10 police officers, alleging a conspiracy to unlawfully arrest and convict him.

Unlike 27 other states, Kentucky has no law requiring compensation of wrongfully incarcerated prisoners. Their only chance of recovery is through litigation.

Documents obtained by Courier Journal through the state public records law show Metro Government has paid lawyers $480,707 in fees plus $86,007 in costs since July 2011.

Linda A. Smith, director of the Kentucky Innocence Project, which fought for

Read more at: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/crime/2017/12/04/louisville-kerry-porter-legal-battle-innocent-murder/912771001/

Chesterfield County, Va., Law Enforcement Turn to App to Fight Crime

(TNS) — CHESTERFIELD, Va. — The Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights Police Departments recently introduced a smartphone application that allows citizens to submit crime tips safely and anonymously from their mobile devices.

The app, called P3, is a digital platform of the police department’s Crime Solvers program.

Since the local Crime Solvers program began in 1984, the Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights Police Departments have adapted to new technologies to benefit the program. The mobile application, available on both iOS and Android platforms, was recently added, allowing tipsters to use a one-click process to submit anonymous tips for any jurisdiction that subscribes to the P3 app service.

The P3 application was first introduced to the community this past summer, and since then has led police to successful investigations of a high-volume of various crimes, including high-profile cases that led to arrests in both Colonial Heights and Chesterfield County.

Crime Solvers

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The Fight Against Sexual Assault On Public Transport Just Got More Serious

Sexual assault is a serious issue that has gained a lot of public attention recently. Sexual assault can happen anywhere and can affect everyone regardless of age, gender or social status. It’s with this in mind that Crime Stoppers with Victoria Police and Public Transport Victoria launched ‘The Hands Off Campaign’.

The campaign is now in its second week and has reached over 1 million people on social media. ‘Hands Off’ aims to involve the

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Arkansans fight nationally to stop sex trafficking

The Journey


The roads traveled by people searching for missing kids and people trying to save girls from the sex trade intersect.

Here in Arkansas, where major interstates feed and ferry these endangered victims, there’s a crusader who has spent more than 20 years on one search. Her team is now helping with the other one. 

Twenty two years ago Morgan Nick became the face of missing children in Arkansas. Her mother, Colleen, has been searching in places she never imagined ever since.

“We continue to fight for the possibility

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Pueblo police take part in nationwide operation to fight child sex trafficking

The Pueblo Police Department last week participated in a nationwide multi-agency operation headed by the FBI targeting child sex trafficking. And while there were no juvenile victims found here, police did arrest 10 adults on prostitution charges.

On Oct. 12, the police department’s special victims units, crimes against persons unit and special investigations unit conducted a street and apartment operation simultaneously.

Officers engaged in the street operation targeting information police had of possible child sexual abuse or exploitation going on in the city and arrested five adults on prostitution charges, according to Sgt. Dustin Taylor of the police department.

In the other operation, officers conducted a sting at a local apartment in which they used the internet to arrange for prostitutes to come by.

Five more adults were arrested on prostitution charges in that operation, and another arrest was made on a co-conspirator charge in relation to someone who brought a prostitute to the

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Tech companies push back as Congress tries to fight online sex trafficking

In its next step to amend a federal law which allows websites such as Backpage.com to host ads for child sex-trafficking, the Senate is holding its first hearing Tuesday on a bill entitled the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. But big Internet companies such as Google, Facebook and a host of others say the bill is a bad idea — “a mistake of historic proportions” according to one opposition letter to Congress — and say that any change to the Communications Decency Act’s Section 230 would open websites to liability and discourage them from chasing away the web’s bad actors.

The bill emerged from the Senate investigation of the online classified ad service Backpage, which found that Backpage was editing ads to remove shocking terms but leaving the ads online, and a series of court rulings which held Backpage blameless for the

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Bystanders Fight Back After Ford Mustang Plows Into Them

We’ve heard it all before. Whether leaving Cars Coffee, stopping in at a cake shop, or checking out the latest Lamborghinis, Ford Mustangs have a way of getting out of control of their owners. This latest incident of a Mustang barreling into a crowd in Bellflower, California, will likely surprise no one. But when the driver tried to flee the scene, the crowd went wild.

This appears to be a case of innocent hooliganism gone wrong. The Instagram video begins with a white Mustang and a black Dodge pickup doing donuts in a parking lot, surrounded by a fairly large crowd. Rather than a wild tail slide, the Mustang seems to go into terminal understeer, accelerating straight into the crowd despite its front wheels being fully turned left.

But rather than stay and face the music, the Mustang backs up and attempts to

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‘The Keepers’ Director Ryan White On A Baltimore Community’s Fight Against Institutional Injustice

When The Keepers debuted on Netflix in May, it was instantly linked to another of the streaming services’ true-crime documentary series: Making a Murderer.

Another haunting story of institutional injustice, director Ryan White’s seven-part series came to him through family connections, investigating the 1969 murder of a Baltimore nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik—a teacher at Archbishop Keough High School who stood up against alleged sexual abuse by priests in her local community and paid the ultimate price.

The primary subjects of the series are a group of women who, like White’s aunt, attended Keough. Hoping for justice while knowing that it may never come, these women knew Cesnik well and loved her dearly, haunted for the rest of their lives by a crime that was buried and remains unresolved.

Below, the Emmy nominee discusses the courage of this community of women who—through his lens—unburied this tragedy and examined their own

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Law enforcement, tech companies team up to fight online abuse at Crimes Against Children Conference

“The conflict between speed and precision can be horrible,” she said Monday. “On one hand, you want to be accurate, but on the other hand, every second counts when it comes to cases like this.”

That dilemma can be eliminated with technology developed by companies such as Intel and Facebook, she believes. 

Using resources like artificial intelligence and machine learning makes “finding those precious haystack needles easier,” she said.

Vacher’s keynote speech opened the annual Crimes Against Children Conference, held in the downtown Dallas Sheraton, which runs through Thursday.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received 4.4 million CyberTipline reports in 2015, mostly for apparent child pornography. That number almost doubled in 2016, to 8.2 million reports. 

The sheer volume of work facing law enforcement officers on child exploitation cases like these makes their job difficult, Vacher said.

Read more at: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/technology/2017/08/07/law-enforcement-tech-companies-team-fight-online-abuse-crimes-children-conference