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Runaway foster kids raise sex-trafficking fears in Kansas

She was 13, living in a Kansas group home, when an older girl convinced her to run away.

That led to her being sold for sex for the first time.

She was later put in juvenile detention. Then, after spending time in foster care, she was a victim of sex trafficking again at age 15.

“Every time I did something wrong, they just locked me up with the same people who were doing the same stuff I was doing or worse,” said the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “While I was in foster care and in the system I felt like nothing was ever consistent. I never had a consistent person in my life.”

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The pipeline from foster care to human trafficking is well known, said Karen Countryman-Roswurm, executive director of the

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Danette Mitchell: Foster children at risk of human trafficking

Children in foster care are disproportionately victimized by human trafficking, according to a study released last year “Foster Care and Human Trafficking: a state-by-state evaluation.”

While the United States has increased its efforts to fight against human trafficking and developed policies to confront the issue, one of the areas that rarely headlines is the connection between foster care and human trafficking. We are not focusing enough attention on these children, discussed in the study.

Experts say that foster care children are the most vulnerable to human trafficking because they are isolated and lack typical social networks. Many of them have a history of abuse before

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Mom, girls sought by police had fled foster care danger, dad says

Fear for her daughters’ safety inside a South Austin foster home prompted Sarah Marcella Jordan of Cedar Park to violate a court order last Tuesday when she picked them up after school and drove them to Florida, triggering a multistate search that ended in her arrest, her husband said.

Authorities found Jordan’s daughters safe in Florida on Thursday, but not before Central Texas law enforcement agencies had roused the public and the media to help them in their search.

Jordan’s husband and the girls’ father, 46-year-old Anthony Joseph Jordan II, told the American-Statesman that in the days leading up to their disappearance, his 10-year-old daughter had called to say that three children in the foster home had tried to suffocate her with a pillow and that in a separate incident, a boy had stabbed her in the foot.

On Monday, she and her 13-year-old sister ran away briefly from

Read more at: http://www.mystatesman.com/news/local/mom-girls-sought-police-had-fled-foster-care-danger-dad-says/RpYjiJFRi7pweObpZr7QZM/

Murder warrants issued in death of Columbus foster girl who disappeared from hotel – Columbus Ledger

Atlanta police have secured warrants for two suspects in the murder case of 17-year-old Dennetta Franks, a foster care girl who was found fatally shot in Atlanta after running away from a hotel in Columbus two months ago.

The warrants are for Wayne Bailey, 19, of Newnan, and Eddie Byrd, 20, of Atlanta, both of whom are currently in custody in Dekalb County on charges for a separate incident, according to Officer Lisa Bender, a public affairs officer in the Atlanta Police Department.

They are currently in custody for a Sept. 19 attempted carjacking in Atlanta at 275 Mellrich Ave NE, according to Atlanta police.

On Sept. 21, Franks’ body was found in Atlanta in the middle of Hortense Place Northwest near the intersection of Florence Place Northwest, according to Atlanta police. Her family recognized a facial reconstruction circulated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and contacted police to make

Read more at: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/news/local/article184443863.html

Months before she was killed in Atlanta, foster girl told police she was raped in Columbus – Columbus Ledger

A 17-year-old girl found shot to death in Atlanta on Sept. 21 told police three months before she went missing that she was raped at an apartment in north Columbus.

The Ledger-Enquirer received the 13-page case report after submitting an open records request to the Columbus Police Department.

According to the report, Denetta Franks was a ward of the state who was staying at the Holiday Inn Express, located at 7336 Bear Lane, until she went missing Sept. 7, never to return again. Her name was redacted out of the case report regarding the rape, but she was identified in another police report on the same incident obtained by the newspaper.

On Sept. 21, Franks’ body was found in Atlanta in the middle of Hortense Place Northwest near the intersection of Florence Place Northwest. The girl’s family recognized a facial reconstruction circulated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,

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DCF responds after report of 70-plus children missing from Kansas’ foster care system

Phyllis Gilmore, secretary of the Kansas Department of Children and Families-photo Kansas News Service

TOPEKA – The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) on Wednesday issued more information on the agency’s policies and procedures for handling situations involving missing and runaway children.

The DCF Policy and Procedure Manual (5245) outlines the departments guidelines for handling situations involving children missing from the foster care system. The policy presents clear guidelines for the reporting of a missing child, including the filing of a missing person’s reports, notification of the child’s biological and foster families, the legal steps to be taken with the court and weekly check-ins with local law-enforcement. The department’s policy also provides steps to be taken after the child’s safe return.

The full language of the policy can be found here: http://content.dcf.ks.gov/PPS/robohelp/PPMGenerate/ (search 5245 in search bar; the document is also attached).

“We made the decision

Read more at: https://www.hayspost.com/2017/10/11/70-plus-children-missing-from-kansas-foster-care-system/