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Missouri Supreme Court considering future for KC man who claims innocence in 1996 double murder

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri’s Supreme Court is now considering what happens next for a Kansas City convicted killer.

Ricky Kidd was sent away nearly 22 years ago for the murders of two men. But all along he has proclaimed his innocence.

If there’s one thing Monica Gray is used to, it’s waiting. She’s been waiting 22 years for Kidd, her long-time boyfriend, to be proven innocent of the two murders.

“They’re giving us injustice,” Gray said. “The system is broken, and it needs to be fixed.”

Gray’s case is in the hands of the Midwest Innocence Project, with a legal team that includes a former Jackson County assistant prosecutor and UMKC law professor.

Although they contend Kidd never should’ve been convicted based on conflicting witness testimony, the only shot to clear his name now is with DNA.

“In our case, we won the DNA motion. We got an order that the DNA be tested

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‘It’s evidence gathering for today, tomorrow, the future’

Nearly across the board, statistics are up for Crime Stoppers of Simcoe-Dufferin-Muskoka.

For one thing, there were 2,391 tips received in 2017 compared with 1,802 in 2016.

OPP Barrie officer Leslie Woodley stepped into the role of the program’s Police Coordinator in June.

The nearly 20-year veteran calls the position an ‘exciting change.’

“It’s all anonymous. For me, I get a lot of enjoyment out it. I can’t share it with anyone but it’s very rewarding to see crimes being posted through social media and the media.  Sometimes the same day, within the hour, you have the information you need to help solve the crime,” said Woodley, who, like her predecessor Const. Chris Lewis, works doggedly on social media platforms.

“We’re close to triple the Facebook followers and occasionally when I do a post, depending on the content of the post, I’ve reached over 50,000 people and we don’t even have 600 followers at this point. We’re trying

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Parker is seeking a private partner to guide the future of its downtown properties

In December, Parker leaders saw just how invested many residents are in the future of municipal land in the community’s downtown.

People packed Town Council and planning commission meetings to voice their opposition to a boutique hotel that was proposed for the northeast corner of Mainstreet and Victorian Drive. The 1-acre parcel, owned by the town’s urban renewal authority the Parker Authority for Reinvestment, and home to the former water utility building, was being targeted by a developer with connections to members of the Town Council for a four-story, 51-room hotel with ground-floor retail.

In the face of forceful public opposition, including warnings of recall elections, threats of lawsuits and even a suggestion of a boycott of some council member-owned businesses, the project was voted down Dec. 12. 

Last week, Parker development officials introduced a different approach to municipal plots in the heart of town. At the direction of town administrator Randy Young,

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Guest column: To protect our future, protect our kids

On December 03, 2015, the Morgan City Police Department was called to investigate a case of a 14 year old female juvenile who was reportedly abducted by a male subject. Morgan City Police Department investigators were able to determine that a 26 year old male subject had traveled across state boundaries in order to remove the child from her parents. Within hours, Morgan City Police Department Detectives were able to develop information which led to the recovery of the juvenile and the arrest of the suspect by Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s authorities.
Although this case had a positive outcome and saved a child who was at risk, there are many children every day who are abducted or exploited into the world of human trafficking, prostitution or ultimately lose their lives to the many predators who pose a threat to our families.
With the technological advancements that we have experienced and the

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‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘The Past And The Future Are A Fight To The Death’



There’s a lot to get to from this week’s episode of Justified, including SPOOKY GHOSTS and HUGE PILES OF MONEY and POTENTIAL DINOSAUR ATTACKS QUESTION MARK. Let’s start at the beginning, though.

Last night marked the eighth episode of the show’s 13-episode final season. Time to get cranking away on some potential fates for our favorite collection of Kentucky hooligans and lawmen. And crank away we did. First and foremost, Ava is burned as a C.I., and everyone knows it. She doesn’t know everyone knows it, though, which puts her in the unenviable position of choosing between Boyd’s offer of $50k to run with no safety net, Raylan’s secretly revoked offer of $50k and witness protection, and a plot to steal $10 million that is looking more like a death trap now that Raylan knows about the dynamitin’. Not ideal.

And about that $10

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