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‘Final Vision’ stars debate Jeffrey MacDonald’s guilt or innocence

It’s the longest-running criminal case in U.S. history, which is why, more than 30 years after the classic miniseries Fatal Vision aired on NBC, Investigation Discovery is taking another look at the Jeffrey MacDonald murder saga with the new film Final Vision.

Starring Scandal’s Scott Foley as MacDonald, the Green Beret and Ivy league-educated doctor who was convicted of the 1970 murder of his pregnant wife and their two daughters, and Brothers Sisters alum Dave Annable as Joe McGinniss, the bestselling author MacDonald sought out to help prove his innocence, Final Vision takes another look at MacDonald’s murder trial and the relationship between the men.

What began with MacDonald giving McGinniss extended interviews and full access to his defense team and the trial

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The Stolen Life of Jeffrey Deskovic

An estimated 10,000 people are wrongly convicted each year in the United States. The Innocence Project helped free Deskovic, who served 16 years for a horrific crime he didn’t commit. Now it’s his mission to liberate innocent people serving time. This is his story.

We’ve all seen them — those episodes of 20/20, Dateline or other true crime documentaries. You, the audience, are presented with “unbiased” evidence. Are you sympathetic toward the defendant? The bailiff takes the envelope from the jury foreman and hands it to the judge. A crushing silence consumes the courtroom.

Driven by the evidence, you’ve perhaps already made up your mind. Innocent? Guilty? As an outsider looking in, you feel your instincts warning you that you could be wrong. As an empathetic soul, you might place yourself in the shoes of the defendant who teeters on the brink of a fate they may or may not

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