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False missile alarm tests journalism’s response

One of the big stories in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Saturday morning was that military “brass” updated island officials on how the military would respond to a nuclear attack from North Korea. Military authorities warned there was a “real” threat.

At 8:07 a.m. Saturday, Hawaiian residents saw a terrifying alert message on their phones.

The same alert, with even more terrifying details, broke into a live NBC Sports Network broadcast of a soccer game. The same automated alert interrupted an SEC basketball game being shown in Hawaii.

That alert told viewers to seek “immediate shelter in a building” and “if you are driving, pull safely to the side of the road and seek shelter in a  building.” 

Though it ultimately turned out to be false, many who saw the alert took it to be real, including journalists who were working or vacationing there.

Lorenza Ingram, a CNN producer who is in Hawaii a

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The rise of crowdsourced journalism in the age of President Trump

Hundreds of citizens are digging up the dirt on President Donald Trump as part of a massive crowdsourced investigative effort that started when a reporter discovered what appeared to be fake donors in Trump’s reporting of inauguration contributions to the Federal Election Commission.

When Huffington Post investigative political reporter Christina Wilkie had been examining an FEC report document which lists all the inaugural donors to Trump’s 58th Presidential Inauguration Committee, she happened upon the $400,000 donation of Isabel T. John. The only problem: There were no public records for John. When Wilkie checked out the address listed for the donor, she discovered an abandoned and bulldozed lot in New Jersey.

After a further hour of research, Wilkie threw the query out on Twitter, and within minutes, Twitter users were meticulously combing through the Federal Electoral Commission’s records.

“I was incredibly surprised at how many people wanted to help,” Wilkie told

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