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Police need help identifying 7 bodies found in Louisville area (WARNING: Graphic)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Among the graves at River Valley Cemetery is a murder mystery.

Police say there are seven unidentified bodies in Jefferson County — and at least two are murders. Police are hoping the public can help solve the cases.

“So the longer it goes, the worse our chances,” said Medical Examiner Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham.

“Juan Doe”

Students helped pay for the grave of a man they call “Juan Doe” — instead of John Doe. Police still don’t know who the Hispanic man is, but he was murdered in 2009.

“I can imagine what the families are going through,” said Burrows-Beckham. “If my dog goes missing, I’m not going to sleep until I found my dog. I can’t imagine what people missing their children, their spouses or their mothers and fathers are going through.” 

In the autopsy room, LMPD Detective Anne Hogan, of the Major Crimes Division and Mission Persons Unit, and Burrows-Beckham are

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Hundreds of crime-prevention experts converge on Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – At least 400 brilliant minds in crime analysis are in Louisville for the 26th annual International Crime Analysts Conference, where experts will share tactics, strategies and new technology to help solve crime.

Now that the conference is in Louisville, LMPD officials are taking full advantage of the opportunity to find new ways to help solve violent crime locally.

“It’s a way to network with other analysts across the country to find out how other units are doing things, what kind of technologies they’re using that we could probably bring back here, and that might be able to help us do different things,” LMPD Sgt. Holly Rogers said. 

Rogers manages the team of 19 analysts who work within the Louisville Metro Police Department. A year of violent crime means Rogers is constantly looking for new strategies in prevention, like predictive policing or forecasting for policing. 

+ Louisville to get federal help to combat

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