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Months before she was killed in Atlanta, foster girl told police she was raped in Columbus – Columbus Ledger

A 17-year-old girl found shot to death in Atlanta on Sept. 21 told police three months before she went missing that she was raped at an apartment in north Columbus.

The Ledger-Enquirer received the 13-page case report after submitting an open records request to the Columbus Police Department.

According to the report, Denetta Franks was a ward of the state who was staying at the Holiday Inn Express, located at 7336 Bear Lane, until she went missing Sept. 7, never to return again. Her name was redacted out of the case report regarding the rape, but she was identified in another police report on the same incident obtained by the newspaper.

On Sept. 21, Franks’ body was found in Atlanta in the middle of Hortense Place Northwest near the intersection of Florence Place Northwest. The girl’s family recognized a facial reconstruction circulated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,

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British man sentenced to 264 months for child sex crimes in 3 continents

Paul Leighton, 32, was sentenced to 264 months in the United Kingdom (UK), for 21 counts relating to child sex crimes. The man committed child sex crimes in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

HSI Harrisburg coordinated all U.S.-based investigations related to Leighton’s U.S. victims, and was instrumental in providing the UK’s Northumbria Police with evidence for known U.S. victims. HSI London anticipates the extradition of Leighton to the U.S. to stand trial for additional offenses against U.S. victims located in the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

“Protecting children from exploitation is one of the most important missions we have, and as this case demonstrates, it takes the collaboration of law enforcement agencies around the world to tackle this crime,” said James R. Mancuso, attaché for HSI in London. “HSI is committed to working with partners like the Northumbria Police to arrest individuals who commit such heinous acts and ensure that they

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Prosecutors get 4 months to decide whether to pursue re-trial in 1987 rape case

Richard Beranek, left, whose sexual assault convictions were overturned in June, appears in court Thursday with lawyers Dean Strang, middle, and Bryce Benjet.

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Prosecutors get four months to decide whether to pursue re-trial in 1987 rape case

Richard Beranek, left, whose sexual assault convictions were overturned in June, appears in court Thursday with lawyers Dean Strang, middle, and Bryce Benjet.

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Pacific Crest Trail hiker missing for four months

A novice hiker from Ireland who planned to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Southern California to Canada has gone missing, having last been seen in April.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is now leading the efforts to find 25-year-old David O’Sullivan, Sgt. Chris Willison said Wednesday. Teams will be searching on foot, with bloodhounds, from off-road utility vehicles and by air. Law enforcement agencies to the north and south also have been briefed, Willison said.

O’Sullivan’s family has started a Facebook page dedicated to finding him and has been reaching out to businesses and “trail angels” — people

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Missing person going on 5 months


DEMING – Five months have passed since family members have seen or heard from Leroy Grado Almanza. The 40-year-old Deming resident was reported missing in March of this year and family members are seeking information on his whereabouts and well-being.

“We last saw him on March 8 at his apartment,” said Richard Almanza, Leroy’s father. “He seemed okay. I did notice he left a half-eaten hamburger in his apartment, and Leroy would never have left a half-eaten hamburger.”

A Missing Persons Report was filed through the Deming Police Department on March 14, and the family has been putting up flyers all over town with a photo and description of Leroy. Deming Police Chief Bobby Orosco did confirm that Leroy Almanza has been entered in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) has a

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Five impactful months — the tenure of DA Hodge

The selection of Kelley Hodge as interim district attorney in Philadelphia was an unexpected citywide sigh of relief and celebration.

When so much about the office had been a swirl of corruption and favors, politics and group tensions, in sweeps an African-American woman who had a background as a Safe Schools advocate, who had already worked seven years in the D.A.’s office and who had honed a solid reputation as an effective administrator.

Not a single negative remark or word of doubt about her abilities rose to the surface following Hodge’s naming. There was something about her that pleased everyone.

“She just comes with that air of sophistication and confidence and everything you want in that role,” Marissa Boyer Bluestine, legal director at the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, said in a Philadelphia Tribune story on Hodges.

Kevin Harden, president of the Barristers Association of Philadelphia, which represents African-American attorneys, told the Tribune: “She has

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