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Investigator’s lawsuit alleges ‘swift boat’ plot to undermine Northwestern Innocence Project

A private investigator at the center of one of the most controversial murder cases in Illinois history is doubling down on allegations that a cabal of pro-police lawyers and advocates conspired to torpedo efforts by former Northwestern University professor David Protess to expose wrongful convictions.

Paul Ciolino, who obtained Alstory Simon’s sensational confession to a 1982 double murder that led to the exoneration of death row inmate Anthony Porter, filed a defamation lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court alleging his reputation and career were destroyed by the “swift boat” plot to undermine Protess’ work.

The 66-page complaint largely mirrors a counterclaim filed by Ciolino in 2016 in an ongoing federal lawsuit filed by Simon. The counterclaim was thrown out last year by a federal judge who ruled Ciolino’s allegations were too tangential to the underlying case.

The lawsuit filed this week, however, contains details about the alleged conspiracy to attack Protess, including allegations

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The Daily Northwestern : Former Medill Innocence Project private …

(Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune/TNS) Alstory Simon talks to reporters as he is released from the Jacksonville Correctional Center in Jacksonville, Illinois, on Oct. 30, 2014. A Chicago federal judge dismissed a defamation counter lawsuit against Simon, stating the countersuit was not sufficiently relevant.

Yvonne Kim, Assistant Campus Editor

A Chicago federal judge dismissed Tuesday a defamation countersuit filed in April by private investigator Paul Ciolino against Alstory Simon, ruling that it was too unrelated to the original suit for the court to exercise jurisdiction.

Simon said Ciolino coerced him into making a false murder confession

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Northwestern’s Medill Innocence Project Turns Attention To Shaken Baby Cases

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Medill Innocence Project at Northwestern, which looks into prisoners’ cases, has helped free several wrongfully convicted inmates over the years.

Now the project has broadened its focus.

The Medill Innocence Project has begun looking into homicide convictions for shaken-baby syndrome.

Project director Professor Alec Klein says this marks a shift for the project, which has not looked into shaken-baby convictions before.

“Science and medicine has changed over the past several years, and there’s now a growing belief among some experts that there could be other explanations for those injuries,” Klein said

Klein says a baby could have a pre-existing condition, for example.

“Another possibility is that an infant might have had a bad fall, hours or even days before they begin to show signs of shaken-baby syndrome,” Klein said

Klein says the Medill Innocence Project is looking at two cases in particular right now–one in Will County and one in DuPage.

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