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Exoneree kicks off speaker series on the death penalty, race, and innocence

Armstrong called the audience to give Newman a standing ovation, giving her thanks for the freedom he has today and her work to prove the innocence of the wrongfully convicted. The admiration was mutual as Newman praised Armstrong for his work as an instructor and mentor in the prison during the nearly 18 years he served. 

“And to me, that’s the name of the game,” Armstrong said. “To make a difference.”

Frank Baumgartner, a political science professor, began the speaker series in 2010, with this year being the fourth installment. Baumgartner first brought the event to his POLI 203 class: Race, Innocence, and the End of the Death Penalty. Due to the small class size at the time, he decided it was not cost effective, and opened it up to the public and his students. This extension of his class to the public is part of an effort to allow the speakers

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