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Innocence Project seeking release of Nuxalk prisoner after decades in prison

(Philip Tallio as a teenager around the time he was arrested for the rape and murder of 22-month-old Delavina Mack. Handout photo.)

Rob Smith
APTN Investigates
Philip Tallio has been in prison for 34 years serving time for a heinous crime.

The rape and murder of 22-month-old Delavina Mack rocked the small community of remote Bella Coola, B.C. in April 1983. Tallio has always maintained his innocence though an alleged confession is a part of the Crown’s evidence.

After the University of British Columbia (UBC) Innocence Project took on his case, an appeal was filed in 2016.

APTN National News, in partnership with the Vancouver Sun, argued successfully in court for files related to the appeal to be unsealed. “A Case for Innocence” airs tonight (Jan. 12) on APTN Investigates. A number of documents are still subject to an ongoing publication ban.

“Because he maintains his innocence he actually has been in

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Prisoner Freed in Wrongful Rape, Robbery Conviction of 1987 Burger King Case

A Brooklyn man who’s served nearly three decades in prison for a wrongful conviction of rape and burglary at a Burger King in 1987 was exonerated and released Wednesday. 

Mark Denny, 46, was released Wednesday, surrounded by friends and family, including mother Elaine Denny, who still lives in Brooklyn and “never lost faith that her son would one day be exonerated,” according to the Innocence Project, the advocacy organization that’s represented him since 2009. 

“Mr. Denny has been waiting for this day for a very long time,
 said Nina Morrison, senior staff attorney for the Innocence Project. “We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to District Attorney Eric Gonzalez and members of his conviction review unit for recognizing Mr. Denny’s innocence and taking extraordinary steps to right the wrongs that kept Mr. Denny incarcerated for his entire adult life.”

Denny was among the four young men convicted in the

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WI prisoner-turned-lawyer featured on NBC News

Jarrett Adams, a former Wisconsin prison inmate who became a lawyer after he was freed with the help of the Wisconsin Innocence Project, will be featured on NBC Nightly News tonight.

Adams was back in Wisconsin in February advocating for another man he feels was wrongly convicted

In the NBC story, Adams tells Lester Holt that as a payback, “there’s no sweeter joy than to be on this side of the law, and to be able to do this.” 

But Adams didn’t really dream of being

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