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Job profile: Meet a real-life pet detective

Jamie Katz and her dad were constantly evicted from apartments. The dog barks from inside their homes were ear-splitting. The stench from litter boxes on balconies, overwhelming.

“He couldn’t say no to me,” said Katz. “And I couldn’t say no to the animals.”

That was about two decades ago and Katz, 36, still can’t say no to the animals — especially missing ones. In the past few weeks alone, Katz, who operates out of a cage-cluttered Fort Lauderdale, Florida, apartment, has helped track down a French bulldog that escaped a yard and a Chihuahua stolen from an animal clinic in South Miami-Dade.

Another French bulldog named Brunno went missing for 180 days — that’s three and a half dog years — before Katz reunited him with owners earlier this year, a body-wagging

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