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False missile alarm tests journalism’s response

One of the big stories in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Saturday morning was that military “brass” updated island officials on how the military would respond to a nuclear attack from North Korea. Military authorities warned there was a “real” threat.

At 8:07 a.m. Saturday, Hawaiian residents saw a terrifying alert message on their phones.

The same alert, with even more terrifying details, broke into a live NBC Sports Network broadcast of a soccer game. The same automated alert interrupted an SEC basketball game being shown in Hawaii.

That alert told viewers to seek “immediate shelter in a building” and “if you are driving, pull safely to the side of the road and seek shelter in a  building.” 

Though it ultimately turned out to be false, many who saw the alert took it to be real, including journalists who were working or vacationing there.

Lorenza Ingram, a CNN producer who is in Hawaii a

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SD Child Abduction Response Team Training

SD Child Abduction Response Team Training

BRANDON, S.D. — Nearly 500,000 missing children were reported in the U.S. last year according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Local law enforcement are making sure they’re ready to respond when they get these types of calls

South Dakota can have anywhere from 35 to 55 active missing children cases at a time.

South Dakota’s Child Abduction Response Team also known as “CART” is made up of law enforcement throughout the state and train twice a year.

Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jason Gearman says children can disappear every day but are usually found within a short amount of time.

He says this team is prepared for when they’re called on.

“Luckily we’ve never been called out, but it’s one of those things that if we are we want to be prepared and do the right things. You have to

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The Keepers: ‘I’ve dealt with survivors and they’re sickened by the church’s response’

On the day The Keepers was released on Netflix, the archdiocese of Baltimore tweeted that although it did not deny allegations of child abuse against Father Joseph Maskell, a priest who worked in the city for decades, the premise and conclusion of Ryan White’s documentary series were “wrong”. The account @archbalt included, bizarrely, a clipart picture of a checklist, and a hashtag, #TheKeepersUntold. It has continued to use this hashtag, along with another, #TheKeepersTruth, since the series came out.

It’s easy to see why this astonishingly powerful seven-parter has led to what White, over the phone from his home in Los Angeles, calls a church in “defensive attack mode”. The Keepers initially begins as a Making a Murderer or The Jinx-style true-crime whodunnit, promising an investigation into the unsolved 1969 murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a Baltimore nun and teacher. But it quickly reveals itself

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Child Abduction Response Team forming in Brown County

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) It is every parent’s worst nightmare: their child goes missing or is abducted.

Every minute in that initial search is critical.

It’s why law enforcement across Brown County are working quickly to create a new, specialized response team to find those kids fast.

One mother is sharing her story to help local police set up a Child Abduction Response Team (CART).

Colleen Nick carries a picture of her daughter, Morgan, showing her as a six-year old and age-progressed to 27. It helps her share a story no mom should have to tell.

“In 1995, my six-year old daughter, Morgan was kidnapped from a little league baseball game in Alma, Arkansas. Our law enforcement, almost 22 years later, are still looking for Morgan,” says Colleen.

While she holds out hope of finding her daughter and continues searching for her to this day, she’s

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