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Suspect arrested for alleged murder of UPenn student, mom says ‘revenge is empty’

A suspect was named in the alleged murder of 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania student Blaze Bernstein — initially missing before he was found dead in a shallow grave on the fringe of a Southern California park this week, the police and prosecutors in Orange County said.

Samuel Woodward, a high school mate of Bernstein’s and also 19-years-old, was brought into custody this afternoon during a traffic stop and charged with suspicion of homicide the teenager.

Bernstein was visiting home for winter break from Penn when he went missing on Jan. 2.

PHOTO: Blaze Bernstein, a pre-med student at the University of Pennsylvania, failed to return to his parents home in Foothill Ranch after going to nearby Borrego Park with a friend, said Carrie Braun, a spokeswoman for the Sheriffs Department.ABC News
Blaze Bernstein, a

Read more at: http://abcnews.go.com/US/person-custody-alleged-murder-upenn-student/story?id=52280922

Facebook asks users for nude photos in project to combat revenge porn

Facebook is asking users to send the company their nude photos in an effort to tackle revenge porn, in an attempt to give some control back to victims of this type of abuse.

Individuals who have shared intimate, nude or sexual images with partners and are worried that the partner (or ex-partner) might distribute them without their consent can use Messenger to send the images to be “hashed”. This means that the company converts the image into a unique digital fingerprint that can be used to identify and block any attempts to re-upload that same image.

Facebook is piloting the technology in Australia in partnership with a government agency headed up by the e-safety commissioner, Julia Inman Grant, who told ABC it would allow victims of “image-based abuse” to take action before pictures were posted to Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

“We see many scenarios where maybe photos or videos

Read more at: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/nov/07/facebook-revenge-porn-nude-photos

SZA’s “Supermodel” video is here, and it’s a cautionary tale for pesky exes and a playbook in revenge fantasy for …

SZA’s “Supermodel” video is here, and it’s a cautionary tale for pesky exes and a playbook in revenge fantasy for everyone else (emphasis on “fantasy”).

In the Nabil-directed clip, our girl struts through a magical forest while getting doused with fairy dust that only makes her stronger and more amped for vengeance. She winds up at a packed playground, where she uses her powers to turn the tables on the ridiculing dude who did her wrong. It’s a wildly fantastical scene, especially when SZA starts shooting fireworks from her fingertips like the fly fairy queen she is.

SZA’s “Supermodel” video comes just days after she celebrated her VMA nomination for Best New Artist. If that’s not cause to use this amazing GIF, then I don’t know what is.

Read more at: http://news.mtv.ca/news/watch-sza-get-revenge-on-her-ex-in-fantastical-supermodel-video/