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“THAT’S MY CHILD!” — Man Offers $10000 Reward To Get Back Stolen Monkey!

Carl Minix and Henry

Carl Minix can’t bear to be without Henry (Courtesy of Carl Minix)

SOUTHWEST RANCHES — Broward County saw a kidnapping of an unusual nature on Thursday. The abductee? A 3-month-old capuchin monkey named Henry.

Henry’s owner, Carl Minix, returned home to his Southwest Ranches home late after dinner to find the small simian had been taken from a bedroom window by an intruder.

That’s my child,” a distraught Minix said. “I mean, I worked a long time to be able to get him, and it wasn’t an easy task.”

Minix wasn’t overstating things. Florida law stipulates that to keep an animal like Henry, you have to have a permit and 1,000 hours of relevant care experience.

Given the significant investment in time and his emotional bonding with the animal, Minix wasn’t about to take the disappearance lying down. The bereft monkey-dad promptly

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Steven Avery’s Lawyer Zellner Offers $10000 in ‘Proof of Guilt’ Challenge

Steven Avery’s attorney Kathleen Zellner is so confident that her client is innocent that she’s willing to put her money where her mouth is.

The Illinois-based attorney featured in Netflix’s Making a Murderer revealed to Joliet Patch earlier this week that she is offering a $10,000 cash prize to anyone who is able to prove Avery’s guilt via a 100-question test she’s calling “The Steven Avery Proof of Guilt Challenge.”

“We are so convinced that you will fail at answering the following 100 questions that we will offer an award

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EMCOR in Greater Boston charity golf event donates $10000 to help find missing children

BOSTON — Phillip Megna, president of EMCOR Services Northeast; Robert Gallagher, president and CEO of J.C. Higgins Corp.; and James Lane, senior vice president and general manager of Building Technology Engineers, presented a $10,000 donation to the National Center for Missing Exploited Children during ceremonies at the EMCOR In Greater Boston 10th Annual Charity Golf Event held July 17 at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton, Mass.

The companies are subsidiaries of EMCOR Group, a Fortune 500 provider of mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services for a diverse range of businesses.

EMCOR’s national “Taking KidSafety To The Street” program was launched 11 years ago in partnership with NCMEC. Since that time, EMCOR has helped recover more than 405 missing children, including children missing in the Greater Boston area. Including this donation, EMCOR has donated more than $2.9 million

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