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Speaker sheds light on trafficking problem domestically, abroad

More men, women and children are in some form of bondage today than any other time in human history, Matt Osborne of Operation Underground Railroad said during a human trafficking conference held in Hot Springs earlier this week.

The Human Trafficking Task Force of Garland County, in partnership with the Ouachita Area Youth Council and National Park College, hosted the Mobilizing Communities Against Human Trafficking conference Thursday in the Frederick M. Dierks building at NPC.

Held on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, the conference gave the 300 attendees a look at how task forces and organizations are working around the globe to end human trafficking, and how their tools can be used on a local level.

Human Trafficking is a global problem in both cities and small towns across the nation, a news release said. Forced labor and human trafficking

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Will Scott Peterson Ever Get Out Of Prison? ‘The Murder Of Laci Peterson’ Sheds Light On His Conviction

In 2002, a young pregnant woman named Laci Peterson went missing from her home in Modesto California and found dead a few months later; her husband Scott was convicted of the murder in a highly publicized trial that shocked the nation. Now, AE plans to revisit the case on the 15th anniversary of Peterson’s death in the series The Murder Of Laci Peterson. But in the wake of this newfound interest in Laci’s murder, true crime enthusiasts might be left wondering: is Scott Peterson ever going to get out of jail?

Most murder trials that receive national press coverage end up having some pretty gruesome details, and the Peterson case is no different. According to a timeline maintained by The Modesto Bee, Laci disappeared on Christmas Eve in 2002; almost immediately the local community rallied around the family, organizing

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Missing Persons Week Sheds Light on Local Case

It’s National Missing Person’s Week, highlighting the impact on loved ones when a family member or friend goes missing, and the ripple effect it can have on local communities.

One long-term local missing person is 50 year old Andrew Bourke,  who was last seen on July 30, 2011, after allegedly driving his vehicle into the Tumut River with a witness, who got out of the vehicle and went for help.

The vehicle was recovered, however, Andrew Bourke was not in it, and hasn’t been seen since.

He’s described as being around 170 centimetres tall with brown hair, blue/grey eyes and a ruddy complexion, he has a dragon tattoo on his upper left arm, and a skull on his upper right arm.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

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