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‘Just following leads,’ chief says about searches in Sunbury cold case

Barbara Miller has been missing for 25 years. (The Charley Project) 

SUNBURY — Sunbury Police Chief Timothy S. Miller that on Wednesday he searched the former home of Barbara E. Miller, who has been missing for 29 years and presumed dead, and on Thursday searched a pond.

“I’m just following leads,” he said of the searches that were part of the investigation into Miller’s homicide.

The chief , who is not related to the victim, said Thursday that he’d found potential evidence in the Miller’s former home in the 200 block of Penn Street that has been sent to a lab.

And on Thursday, a 55-gallon drum was recovered from a fresh water pond off state  Route 45 between Lewisburg and Montandon, he said. New Cumberland River Rescue personnel assisted in the recovery.

Miller declined to say

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Sunbury to pay $13609 to help solve mystery of woman’s 1998 death

Barbara Miller has been missing for 25 years. (The Charley Project)

SUNBURY — The city of Sunbury will pay $13,609 to cover the cost of repairing a duplex in Milton from which a concrete wall and basement floor were removed as part of a cold case homicide investigation.

The cost would have been higher were it not for the donated equipment, labor and materials, Councilman James Eister and Police Chief Timothy S. Miller say.

Miller credited the support of the community in keeping down the cost of the investigation in the 1989 disappearance and presumed murder of Barbara E. Miller.

He cited the donated equipment, labor, supplies and food at the Milton location.

“I think the community has been incredible,” he said. “It shows how important this case is to the community.”

Miller believes the woman was buried in the basement, a theory supported by the fact that Read more at: http://www.pennlive.com/news/2017/07/sunbury_to_pay.html

Sunbury police chief to take crack at solving cold case disappearance

Barbara Miller has been missing for 25 years. (The Charley Project) 

SUNBURY — The disappearance and presumed murder of Barbara Elizabeth Miller has stumped investigators for more than 25 years.

Investigators early on identified a person of interest, but without a body and just circumstantial evidence, prosecutors doubted they could obtain a conviction, so the case remains unsolved.

Retired Sunbury Sgt. Degg Stark, who is now a Northumberland County detective, said investigators did everything physically and forensically possible to try to solve the case when Miller disappeared.

“We explored all leads,” he said Friday. “We don’t believe we overlooked anything.”

There are more than 600 pages of transcribed interviews, he said.

Saying that, Stark it is always willing to have fresh eyes look at a cold case.

That’s the reason Timothy S. Miller, the new Sunbury administrative police chief, said he wants a crack at solving

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Sunbury chief resurrects Barbara Miller cold case

SUNBURY — Sunbury Administrative Police Chief Tim Miller is resurrecting a nearly three-decade-old cold case and recruiting an old friend to join a team of Northumberland County officials in an attempt to find out what happened to Barbara Miller.

Barbara Miller was 30-years old when she vanished July 1, 1989 after being dropped off at a bar in Milton. When Tim Miller arrived in Sunbury in July as the new chief, he said he would be reviewing several unresolved cases, including that of Barbara Miller. The police chief and the victim are not related.

Tim Miller’s involvement comes about a year after a team of Northumberland County officials resolved to form an investigative alliance into Barbara Miller’s disappearance and death. She was declared dead by a Northumberland County judge in 2002.

District Attorney Tony Matulewicz, Coroner Jim Kelley and

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