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Email hack targets Texas EquuSearch members, files

HOUSTON – An organization that has spent nearly two decades searching for missing people across the Houston area and other parts of the world now is looking for the culprits who hacked its email system.

The intrusion into EquuSearch’s server is more than just an inconvenience.

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With Messenger Kids app, Facebook targets a new market

WASHINGTON — Facebook now has a messaging app for kids — its first product aimed at young children. It’s a way to court younger users, with their parents’ permission. It also puts the social network at the heart of the ongoing debate about how and when children should start using digital products.

The app, called Messenger Kids, allows users under the age of 13 to send texts, videos, and photos; they can draw on the pictures they send and add stickers. The app, launched Monday in the United States, gives the company access to a new market: children whose age prohibits them from using the firm’s main social network.

The new app was designed after consultation with hundreds of parents and several children’s advocates, such

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British cybermolester targets local teenagers – Shelbyville Times

A British man has been convicted of sexually blackmailing children worldwide — including two victims in Bedford County.

“I can’t stress enough the need for parents to keep up with what social media sites their kids are on,” Det. Lt. Jason Kennedy of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office said Monday, “Sextortion is a major threat to children.”

The Bedford County case involved a 13-year-old girl coerced into having sex with her older brother under the threat of being blackmailed by Paul Leighton, 32, of Seaham, England, Kennedy said.

Local authorities were informed of the case in September through a Cyber Tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Authorities in England say “several hundred” children may be victims, according to the Daily Mail of London. Some of those victims are teenagers ordered to molest infants, authorities say.

Leighton, 32, used 40 or more fake social media accounts to contact teenagers in the United

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