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Murder rates are down in Minneapolis — but so is the rate at which police are clearing the cases

Last year, 35 people were murdered in Minneapolis; 19 were murdered in St. Paul.

How many of those cases were solved? In St. Paul: 14, or about three quarters. The figure’s not so hot for Minneapolis: only 19, or about half, were officially solved. That’s according to FBI statistics compiled by the nonprofit Murder Accountability Project.

While St. Paul has maintained relatively steady numbers over the years for the rate of solved murders, officially known homicide clearance rates, the share of murders solved in Minneapolis is down. That mirrors a national trend: in 1965, 83 percent of U.S. murders were cleared. Last year, it was 56 percent.

That the murder clearance rate is down from the 1960s — before DNA testing, cell phone tracking and the internet — might come as a surprise.

“When you watch television, every murder gets solved by beautiful people standing in front of glittering TV monitors,” said Thomas

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